Little Wolf Productions - Hope Road The Movie

Little Wolf Productions - Hope Road The Movie
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Become Part of the Solution. Help us Fight this Battle.

Sponsors include:

  • Kansas Attorney General
  • Steve Six
  • Kansas Human Trafficking Advisory Board
  • Nola Foulston, District Attorney, 18th Judicial District
  • Wichita’s Anti–Sexual Exploitation Roundtable for Community Action
  • Wichita Children’s Home and Women’s Focus
  • Kansas City Alliance Against Human Trafficking
  • Healing House
  • MOCSA (Metropolitan Organization to Counter Sexual Assault)
  • A Future, Not a Past
  • Street Grace
  • Ecklectica Salon
  • WIN Home Inspection
  • Whirley Ball
  • And many, many donors who are making our film possible!

For Information call:
Susan Cook

A Fundraiser to Stop Child Trafficking “Children of a Silent World”

Our Children are stolen off the streets, left behind by emotionally ill parents, or flee abusive homes for fear of death. In our world there are professionals that our law enforcement call pimps. In reality, they are 21st century slave owners. They prey on these young girls because they are the most lucrative. When these girls are found in our city there is no help for them recover from this horrendous experience. None! Zip!

Our women in Law Enforcement and Social Services say, “Enough!” and have asked us to create a documentary that will show the problem and the solution. This film will be used as a tool by those of us who want to fight back and help these children by raising funds and getting the attention of our law makers.

One of the ways you can help us is to invite us into your church, your club or organization to show our trailer and talk about the problem and solution. Will you please contact us and we'll explore the possibilities of working together.

Please help us fight this battle.